Menues in English

Our winter banqueting menues for 2021/22

Alle priser er inkludert mva.

We have put together our delicious winter banqueting menus for you. You can mix and match from all the menues as you like. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, we are here to help. If you are looking for a venue for your upcoming event, feel free to visit Gjestestuene, Røylen or Sæterhytten for your next party. We all speak English and are very happy to provide you with more information if you request it. Welcome to TG Selskapsmat!

Menu 1

Kr 628,-

Homemade smoked salmon

Spinach, dill, chives, pomegranate, seed cracker, lemon emulsion

Reindeer beef

Cellery puré, shitake mushrooms, berry jelly, glazed almond potatoes

Sabayonne gratinated blueberries

Biscotti and vanilla ice cream

Menu 2

Kr 589,-

Toast with stewed mushrooms

Quail egg, cress, port wine syrup


Sweet potato puré, kale, puy lentils with root vegetables, red wine jus

Apple tart

Almond filling, praline ice cream, tuille 

Menu 3

Kr 612,-


Jerusalem artichoke; cream and chips, herb sprouts, tomato and basil sauce 

Lamb tenderloin

Sauteed brussel sprouts, white beans, pickled onions, rosemary jus 

”Svele” Traditional Norwegian pancakes

Pickled cloudberries and sour cream

Menu 4

Kr 599,-


Feta cheese, beets, pickled carrot, pumpkin seeds, vinaigrette

Turbot fillet

Artichokes, green peas, baby onions, brown butter with parsley, capers and soya

Lemon curd

Butter biscuits, Italian meringue, lemon thyme

Menu 5

Kr 602,-


Herb crust, creamed fennel, shellfish jus

Duck breast

Endive compote, green beans, crisp potato, orange sauce 

Brie cheese from Dovre

Walnuts, blackcurrant jam

Menu 6

Kr 605,-

Shellfish bisque

Lentils, wild shrimps

Veal fillet

Potato and root fruit terrine, baked small tomatoes, fried salsify, tarragon jus

Chocolate mousse; dark and white

Passion fruit fudge, chocolate biscuits

Menu 7

Kr 608,-

Salmon sashimi, spring rolls, Asian shellfish bisque

Seed cracker, spouts

Deer tenderloin

Baked root vegetables, fondant potato, red wine sauce

”Svele” Traditional Norwegian pancakes

Pickled cloudberries and sour cream

Menu 8

Kr 569,-

Toast with stewed mushrooms

House coppa, port wine syrup

Mountain trout from Hardanger

Spring cabbage, oyster mushrooms, beurre blanc and trout roe

Sabayonne gratinated blueberries

Biscotti and vanilla ice cream

Vegan menu

Kr 535,-

Grilled baby gem salad

Beets, nuts, vinaigrette, herb sprout

Lentil and vegetable burger

Beetroot puré, cabbage salad, pickled onions, seed cracker

Elderflower sorbet

Strawberries, pistachio nuts, coulis

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