Menus in English

Summer menus

Alle priser er inkludert mva.

You can mix and match from all the menus as you like. Do get in touch if you have any questions, we are here to help. If you are looking for a venue for your upcoming event, feel free to visit Gjestestuene or Sæterhytten – ask us for details. We all speak English and are very happy to provide you with more information.

Menu 1

Kr 709,-

Lightly smoked trout fillet

Pickled cucumber, fennel, and onion purée, pumpkin vinaigrette, herb sprouts, sourdough toast. 

(Fish, gluten, milk, almonds) 

Rack of lamb and tenderloin with herb crust

Creamed spinach and spring cabbage, smoked almonds, dried small tomatoes, rosemary jus.

(Mustard, milk, sulfite, almonds, gluten)


Vanilla cream, strawberries, anise-pistachio,

strawberry sorbet

(Milk, nuts, eggs)


Menu 2

Kr 717,-

Salmon Tataki

Crisp vegetables, ponzu sauce, rice chips, chili mayonnaise. 

(Fish, soya, egg, sesame, sulfite)

Farmhouse chicken – leg and breast

Risotto with Swedish Västerbotten cheese, fennel and radish salad, dill lemon jus.



Strawberry salsa, vanilla ice cream, almond crunch with honey

(Gluten, milk, almonds)

Menu 3

Kr 723,-

Grilled scallops

Cauliflower cream, cauliflower crudités, smoked almonds, truffle and chive sauce.

 (Molluscs, milk, almonds, sulfite)

Veal entrecôte

Summer onions, white asparagus, mushroom jus, new potatoes, tarragon.



Espresso and mascarpone cream, marshmallows, dark chocolate, mocca sauce, vanilla ice cream, espresso crisps


Menu 4

Kr 693,-

White and green asparagus

Parmesan cream, roasted hazelnuts, sherry vinaigrette with finely cut vegetables and parsley.

(Milk, nuts, sulfite)


Grilled spring cabbage, prince mushroom, Niolly-Prat and mussel sauce, meadow sorrel.

(Fisk, mussels, milk, sulfite)

Chocolate fondant

Passion fruit fudge, praline ice cream, berry coulis

(Milk, almonds)

Menu 5

Kr 628,-

Grilled baby gem salad

Homemade coppa ham, melon, crisp cheese cracker, sprouts, classic vinaigrette.

(Milk, sulfite)

Crispy pan roasted zander

Wild garlic risotto, smoked small tomatoes, asparagus, jus with beetroot, capers and parsley.

(Fish, milk)

Grilled pineapple

Coconut macaron, pomegranate, chili and vanilla syrup, coconut sorbet

Menu 6 Vegetarian

Kr 608,-

Summer salad

Spring vegetables, grilled asparagus, marinated small tomatoes, dill herb oil, Parmesan cream



Spring vegetables, smoked tomatoes, sauce vierge 


Elderflower sorbet

Elderflower sorbet

Raspberry, strawberry, pistachio, flowers, coulis


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