Menus in English

Winter menus

Alle priser er inkludert mva.

You can mix and match from all the menus as you like. Do get in touch if you have any questions, we are here to help. If you are looking for a venue for your upcoming event, feel free to visit Gjestestuene or Sæterhytten – ask us for details. We all speak English and are very happy to provide you with more information.

Menu 1

Kr 639,-

Pork belly Bao bun

Pork belly, Asian sweet and sour sauce, pickled vegetables gluten,egg, soya, sesame

Monkfish baked in Nori

Bok choy, noodles, bean spouts, fennel, coriander, garlic, soy salsa
fish, soya, gluten

For coffee lovers

Espresso and mascarpone cream, marshmallow, dark chocolate, mocha sauce, vanilla ice cream, espresso crisp
gluten, egg, soya, sesame

Menu 2

Kr 656,-

Creamed shellfish soup

Lentils, root vegetables, wild prawns, herb oil
shellfish, fish, milk

Grilled deer medallion

Cep mushroom cream, roasted savoy cabbage, pickled cranberry, gratinated Jerusalem artichoke and potatoes, jus with toasted pepper, Dijon mustard and red currant jelly
milk, sulfite

Blueberry crumble

Vanilla cream, crumble with nuts, yoghurt ice cream, dried blueberries
milk, egg, gluten, nuts

Menu 3

Kr 662,-

Smoked and cured reindeer

Crisp leaves, cheese cream, baked beets, salted hazelnuts, thyme and lingonberry vinaigrette
milk, nuts

Slow cooked halibut

Almond potato cream, savoy cabbage chips, sour cream with fish stock and trout roe, beurre noisette with crips bacon
fish, milk

Traditional Norwegian pancake

Cloudberry jam, sour cream ice cream with sweet and salty almonds
egg, milk, gluten, nuts

Menu 4

Kr 635,-

Lightly smoked trout fillet

Onion cream, pickled pumpkin, dill emulsion, sourdough toast
fish, egg, gluten, milk

Norwegian duck breast

Brussel sprouts, pumpkin cream and seeds, fondant potato, jus with pickled beetroot cubes

Orange salad

Sabayon, lime sorbet, pistachio nuts with anis
egg, nuts, sulfite

Menu 5

Kr 656,-

Salmon Tataki

Fennel and radish salad, ponzu sauce, rice chips, chili mayonnaise
fish, egg, soya, gluten, soya

Lamb rack and rump with herb crumb

Artichokes, tomatoes, celery purée, crisp potatoes, tarragon jus
milk, sulfite, celery


Soft flatbread with apple compote
Caramelized nuts, brown cheese ice cream
gluten, milk, egg, nuts

Menu 6

Kr 645,-

Grilled scallops

Jerusalem artichoke puré and chips, tomato and basil sauce, cress sprouts
moluscs, milk

Beef culotte

Baked onions, French beans, fried almond potatoes, beef glaze, with cepp mushroom, classic bearnaise milk,egg,sulfite

Chocolate tart

Forrest berry ice cream, yoghurt crumb, fudge

Menu 7

Kr 616,-

Coppa ham

Baked beets, Swedish Västerbotten cheese, walnuts, rosemary emulsion
milk, egg, nuts

Mountain trout

Fennel, chanterelles, dill poached small potatoes, butter sauce with roe and lemon
fish, milk

Pear poached in sweet white wine

Chocolate ganache, rum and raisin ice cream, crisp wafer
milk, gluten, egg, sulfite

Vegetarian menu

Kr 606,-

Jerusalem artichokes

Crisp salad, Jerusalem artichokes; cream and chips, oven roasted small tomatoes, herb sprouts, Chèvre cream

Vegetable medley

Roasted celeriac, glazed small onions and potatoes, cavolo nero chips, green sauce with celery and cucumber


All desserts are vegetarian

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